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Barrow Cemetery Dig - Day 10

by Jonie Guest - 21:58 on 09 September 2019

Something a little more unusual today for the blog.

The Tower, The Drone or the Plane?  All three have been used for photography on the TTT site.

Which would you prefer? I know which I do!

This was an experience to be remembered, Robin, our pilot agreed to take three of us (Eric, Chair of TTT and myself, committee member, and Richard my husband) to fly over the excavation site. After doing his very thorough checks around the plane and inside the cockpit we were on the runway waiting to be given the go ahead from the control tower.

Such a lovely sunny day, I have never been in a small plane before, and remarkably I did not feel nervous.  Revs… up and up we went from Inverness airport over the Beauly Firth, taking in the clear vista flying over 1,000 feet.  We had our cameras poised but only when you are in a small plane do you realise how difficult it is trying to focus the camera lens through a window.   Eric was using his new camera which he had bought the day before.

 Redcastle Crannog

 Lentran Fishtrap

 Coulmore Crannog

We flew over the Redcastle crannog and Milton Pier, then onto the Lentran fish traps, just in time to see Coulmore crannog disappearing into the blue, the tide had covered Phopachy and Carn Dubh crannogs.  Then onto fly over my house.

Now I am frantically searching the ground for the important Tarradale Through Time excavation site.  We then circled around four times to try to position our cameras for good shots. What a good day for photography, very difficult for amateur air photographers. Such a perspective to be able to see so clearly.

And these are some of the fantastic images from Andy Hickie's drone flight -

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