• Our 2019 excavation focused on the Barrow Cemetery. The excavation was directed by Steve Birch of West Coast Archaeological Services, whilst Dr Gordon Noble of University of Aberdeen was an advisor. See the newly released excavation video below. 

  • TARRADALE THROUGH TIME was delighted to be on the shortlist for the Current Archaeology magazine Research Project of the year. This is great recognition for all the effort and support from the many people that been involved. Find out more at https://www.archaeology.co.uk/awards/research-project-of-the-year-2021.htm?.

  • It with great sadness that we announce the passing of Jonie Guest. Jonie was a long time Tarradale volunteer and a valued member of the project management team. She was also a good friend to many of us. She will be much missed.

  • Data Structure Reports for our 2017, 2018 and 2019 excavation seasons can now be found on the Project Areas page. See also the new report for our Abandoned Settlement project.


  • The winners for The Tarradale Challenges competition have now been announced. You can see the winning entries here.

  • See also Eric Grant's Blog Post containing the radiocarbon dating results from the Mesolithic Shell Midden sites excavated in 2017. It also includes photos of the rare antler tools. The story has been featured in The Scotsman, BBC Online and in the national press.

  • The North of Scotland Archaeological Society's new publication - A Year of Highland Archaeology - is out now at a bookshop near you. It includes a chapter by Eric Grant on the Tarradale Through time project. 



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