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Barrow Cemetery Dig - Day 11

by Anne Coombs - 20:59 on 10 September 2019

Day 11  After a long weekend when the cleaning was completed and sections for more exploration were chosen we began to dig out the fill of several ditches.  The big circular ditch has 4 small sections cut across the ditch.  The south section lies immediately beside the enigmatic stone ?cairn? and the very burnt layer.  Lots of questions to answer there.  Is there a new cairn hidden in the stone and grass, does it have its own ditch cutting into the big circular ditch?  Still lots more to understand here.The other cuts across the ditch have caused lots of consternation; soil followed by sand followed by different sand went down and down.  However today, bingo, the bottom has been found in one of the cuts, at last, just 2 more to go.  Then just before lunch a small piece of possible prehistoric pottery was found in the fill of one of the cuts across the ditch.  While it may not prove anything as it was found in the redeposited fill material and not at the bottom of the ditch it was still a very exciting find.  After lunch there was excitement in the square ditched feature.  The inner ditches are now being investigated and eventually the hoped for post holes have begun to appear. 

Not only did we have lots of good discoveries today but we also had the first of a series of school visits.  Today the children came all the way from Scourie Primary School to visit.  I would like to thank them for their interest and I hope they enjoyed themselves.  Tomorrow Tarradale Primary School will begin their visits.

So day 11 was a great day and more is expected tomorrow as we get into the close careful examination of the different features around the site.  More great finds to come we hope. 

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